Distressed Queen Anne


Shabby Chic Red with Black Edges


Post Modern Vintage


Distressed Sea Foam green with Queen Anne Legs


Harington Upright Piano In Red W/ Seafoam Green Stripes



The Vintage Piano Shop was started by Stilwell Pianos in 2011 when Tricia Smith (our first piano artist) bought a piano from us to refinish and "wowed" us with her skills. Tricia has since moved out of state, and our current piano artists, Annah Liverman and Teresa Wickersham are keeping the style and reputation of our shop alive.



    We are owned by Stilwell Pianos which has been in business since 1956. Our goal is to provide families with affordable pianos that not only look good, but will last the test of time. We are technician owned and everything that comes into our shop is gone over by a Certified Piano Technician (CPT).



    “Its here… I have a smiling problem again. *grins* It’s amazing. Thank you. Please tell Annah its remarkable!” “The quality of your trade surpasses every other piano shop I have been to. Your pianos not only stand out, they sound and play like a dream!”



    Since we are a full service piano shop, we can take cash, check, credit cards and set up payment plans. Don’t have a pick-up truck or perfect pitch hearing? Well, we can arrange to have your piano delivered and tuned in its new home.

Also... In addition to painting and selling our own pianos, we also do custom paint jobs on customer pianos. If you have a piano that you would like in a certain color and that may need some "love" on the inside, give us a call! Typically for standard uprights this runs about $500 if you drop off your piano and $700 if you need it transported from home to shop, then from shop to home.

Pianos are living, breathing instruments, each with their own story. Our goal is to bring these instruments back to life and allow our customers to create new memories with them.


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    We’ve Moved!

    Yes that’s right…we’ve moved our shop! The Vintage Piano Shop has moved to a bigger location just south of Tempe Marketplace.   We currently have a dozen vintage pianos in our magnificent new showroom although that changes daily! With colors ranging from duck egg blue, turquoise and lime green, you are bound to find something you love.  Of course we have plenty of black vintage in stock as well. All of our pianos are on Craig’s list, but please…come on by to see the new shop.  You will not regret it.  We are very easy to find right off of the 202 and McClintock just south of Tempe Marketplace.  Our address is 1835 E 6th St #12-13 Tempe Az 85281

    Benefits of storing your piano with Stilwell Pianos-

    Another exciting thing about the new showroom is we now have room for storage. Our piano storage is completely climate controlled to insure that your piano leaves our shop exactly how it went in. Our team of professional piano technicians and piano movers will be the only ones who touch your piano and it will sit here in our shop with us until you are ready to have it moved back to your home.
    • Climate controlled storage located on premises of our piano store.
    • Piano is stored in our piano shop with us. Most piano storage companies send their piano to some storage unit they rent down the street from their house or they literally just put the piano in their house! At Stilwell Pianos, your piano will be kept alongside our personal pianos to insure it is looked after and cared for properly
    • We are a Full Service Shop meaning that we not only store pianos, we tune, repair, regulate, move, buy and sell pianos so if you need anything besides storage for your piano, we can help!
    • We have been in business for almost 60 years! Our customers have great things to say about us too! Read some of our reviews by clicking here.
    Contact us today to get a quote!
    Michael 480-206-7231


    Stay Tuned!!!

    Next week look for a blog on our upcoming trunk show at JUNK IN THE TRUNK at West World in Scottsdale!


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    First off, look at this cute picture of Levon (one of our technician friends) and little Josiah Stilwell! How cute is my son!?

    As most of you know, we have been extremely busy trying to keep up with demand this last month. In the last 30 days we have sold 9 vintage pianos at our Phoenix piano store! We have also had a lot of people asking for specific colors so we have been doing custom paint jobs on a few of our used pianos. The last one we did was in Seafoam Green for customer surprising his wife for their anniversary.

    Since we have been getting more people asking us to notify them whenever we get new pianos in, we have set up an Inventory Newsletter to notify everybody all at once when new pianos come in the shop. This has obviously cut down on the time we spend emailing pictures to everybody who is looking for the perfect used pianos. Now we have more time to refinish and rebuild all our used pianos in Phoenix!

    Annah just informed me that she started taking before and after pictures of some of the pianos for the blog so you should be seeing some of those soon. You guys will be blown away with what these pianos go through during their “beautification process”. I am sure you could guess but most of the pianos that come in need more than just a coat of paint. We often spend around 7 hours just on tuning, regulating and minor repair to get our pianos up to our standard. Having pride in the used pianos we send out is our main goal and we will never send out a used piano that we would not put in our own home. Our used pianos are regulated, tuned and have at least 25 years of life in them when they leave our piano store in phoenix.

    Like I said, our next post should have some before and after pictures of a few of the pianos we have been working on. I cant wait to show you what these used pianos go through before they hit our floor! Thanks for reading and as always “stay tuned”!


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    Hello, Michael here.

    The latest Vintage Piano

    Thanks for stopping by to read all about our vintage piano shop in Tempe Arizona. We have been seeing a rising number of visitors each week and we are so thrilled that you guys are enjoying our vintage pianos! The girls have been working hard to bring our pianos to the next level of beauty and it really shows (check out the latest one by Annah Liverman here).


    Queen Anne Pianos

    We have been getting tons of emails from people looking for pianos with queen anne legs in Arizona. As many of you know, these are not easy to find… I have been driving all over the valley trying to track down as many of them as I can but some of the ones I have found did not meet our piano store requirements (cracked soundboard or pinblock, key damage, etc).  At the moment we have one queen anne finished (the white one linked above) and two unfinished ones in the back waiting to get painted. A lot of you guys have been wanting specific colors so if that is you, get ahold of us soon so we can paint them the color/style you want.

    Custom Piano Paint Jobs

    Please also remember we do custom paint jobs and they usually run about $600! If we dont have the used piano that you want in our vintage piano store, and you find one that you love somewhere else, we can paint it for you! We also can provide piano moving, piano tuning, piano repair and  pre-purchase inspections. These projects are actually pretty common for us. We probably paint about one piano every 10 days or so that you never see because it was a custom job and is not for sale! This could be you! Feel free to contact us if you would like to get a mroe detailed quote on having your piano refinished.

    Thats it for now… I need to get in the back and finish the grand piano shelf I am working on. Thanks for reading and dont forget, “stay tuned” for more news from the Vintage Piano Shop in Arizona!


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    Thank You For Your Support!

    We have been so blown away by the support and attention we have received sine we put this site up! Thank you for all of you who have been so supportive and have been giving us so many complements on our vintage pianos! Our parent company Stilwell Pianos has been busy as well so our used piano store in Arizona has been somewhat chaotic lately.  We are hoping to keep this blog updated on our “day-today” here in the piano shop but with how many used vintage pianos we have been selling to customers in Gilbert, Chandler, Mesa and Scottsdale, it is hard to keep up!

    Since our last post we have added about 3 pianos to our floor. We have sold more than that but as you know, many of our used pianos sell before we even have a chance to list them on the site. As of right now we have a yellow Kimball, a Black Yamaha, a Green Kranich and Bach and a black Yamaha U1 for sale. The Yamaha U1 is probably the nicest shabby chic piano we have ever done. It has a nice full sound and looks absolutely stunning! It should be done by the end of the week so “stay tuned” to see how it turns out!

    Stilwell Pianos also has a few really nice newer upright pianos. These pianos are ones that will not be painted to look shabby chic/ vintage because they already have amazing finishes to them. For more info on these new used pianos, click here to be take to Stilwell

    Since our used piano store is Piano Technician owned, please feel free to contact us with any piano related questions. We are here to help and the advice is always free! We also offer piano refinishing, piano tuning, piano moving and piano appraisals. If you are considering buying a used piano on craigslist, it is always a good idea to have a certified piano technician check it out before you purchase it. Just like cars, there are alot that can go unnoticed by an average buyer.


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    The Vintage Piano Shop is owned by Stilwell Pianos in Tempe Arizona.

    Our main focus to to provide quality pianos to our customers that not only look good, but serve a purpose. Typically families keep their pianos for 20+ years. It becomes a part of their home. Their life. Their holidays. Their Enjoyment. This is why we believe that shopping a used piano should be thought of as a journey and not a chore. You should never buy a piano that you simply “like”. You need to love it. It will (hopefully) be a part of your life for the next 20 years.

    This blog will be used to keep all of you up to date on whats going on here at the shop. We will try to post all the pianos we finish on here but as many of you know, about half of them sell before we even post the pictures!

    Stay tuned for more info on The Vintage Piano Shop by filling out the contact form below.

    Thanks for reading and as always, “stay tuned”!

Address // 1835 E. 6th St. Tempe AZ 85281 Suite 12-13

Telephone nr. // 480-207-6645

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